BT Express Trucking is a family owned and operated tanker trucking company headquartered in Westville, IN. Founded in July 2002 our staff of professional drivers represents 40 years of experience in the transportation industry. We specialize in the interstate transportation of food grade liquid and dry bulk commodities. We represent one of the few minority owned transportation companies with equipment that passes the rigorous FDA requirements of food grade hauling.

We consistently provide the highest quality service to satisfied clients like Corn Products, PepsiCo, Miller Beer and Frito Lay. We work hard to lead the industry in safety and efficiency. Our staff understands that a person driving a vehicle loaded with tons of liquid product has to be able to maneuver in ways that differ from one who is driving dry goods. That is why we here at BT Express Trucking have a rigorous testing and screening program for all of our drivers before they are hired. After our drivers come on board each one receives comprehensive training by our safety department before the driver is permitted to handle the first load.

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